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The Cheerios are the cheerleading squad of McKinley High. Coached by Sue Sylvester.

The four captains they have had along the series are Brittany Pierce to Kitty Wilde to Becky Jackson to Bree Holbrook. They have won multiple competitions and awards, including six consecutive Regional and National Championships, and placed third at the International Championship in North Korea. They lost in 2011, at the Regional Competition because Quinn, Santana, and Brittany quit just before the departure. Its members are considered the most popular and pretty girls of the school.


Pre-Season OneEdit

In 1986, Sue joins the McKinley faculty as the new cheerleading coach. After being accused of looking 'too feminine', she cuts her hair and adopts wearing tracksuits to look more intimidating.

In 1990, Terri Del Monico, (then called Terri Del Monico) joins William McKinley High School, and is made head cheerio in around 1993 before graduating the following year.

In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, The Cheerios win Nationals, and it is mentioned that they had came 3rd Place in the International Cheerleading Competition at Pyongyang, North Korea in 2009.

Through her entire freshman year (2008-2009), Quinn is the head cheerleader. It's known that they won all their cheerleading competitions. In the yearbook from the freshman year (seen in "Glee") there are pictures of Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Sue.

Season OneEdit

The New RachelEdit

A new year has begun at McKinley and with the seniors already graduated, the Cheerios has two new members, Bree and Kitty. As Sue describes, Kitty is her new head bitch. She sits with the New Directions at lunch and with two football team members as the New Directions has risen to the top ever since their win from the Nationals Championships. After Marley joins, Marley tells Bree, Kitty, the two football team members and New Directions to stop picking on the lunch lady because it's Marley's mom. This shocks New Directions and they apologize to Marley. When this happens, Bree, Kitty and the two football team members walk past and tell New Directions that they have dropped to the bottom once again, slushie-ing Marley and Wade along the way. Some of the Cheerios (not Bree and Kitty) are part of Blaine's performance of I Hope You Find It.

Britney: The Next ChapterEdit

The Cheerios perform at the beginning of the episode the song Piece of Me with Brittany as their lead. Sue classifies the performance as "garbage" and, thanks to her low grades, kicks Brittany out of the team, giving Kitty her position as Head Cheerio.


Setlists of CompetitionsEdit

Sectionals, 2012Edit


  • TBA

Regionals, 2012Edit


  • TBA

Nationals, 2012Edit


  • TBA


Season OneEdit


  • Pleated Skirt with red and white lines
  • They wear a shell with a V Neckline, red lines around the arm, a triangled shape made of red, black and white lines under the "WMHS" logo, white fringes in the sides delined by black lines.
  • They must have their hair in a high pony, or a pony if it's possible, exceptions only if they have short hair.
  • During the winter, at night, or when it's cold, they wear a white bodyliner underneath the shirt and a jacket that says "Cheerios" on the back. They have pants with a black and white linen both sides.


  • A shirt with a V neckline just like the girls but with no lines around the neck
  • Long Red Tracksuit Pants with black and white lines on the sides.


Season OneEdit

Prior Time Season 1
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Sue Sylvester Active
Quinn Fabray Graduated Visited
Santana Lopez Graduated Visited Rejoined Active Re-graduated
Brittany Pierce Promoted Active Kicked Out/
Active Quit
Becky Jackson Active
Vanessa Newell Active Quit Rejoined Active
Amanda Lindsey Active
Ashley Johnson Joined Active
Kitty Wilde Joined Active Promoted/
Bree Holbrook Joined Active
Jordan Stern Joined Active
Tina Cohen-Chang Joined/Quit

Songs Performed/IncludedEdit

Season OneEdit


  • Cheerios members wear their uniform all day long. Some exceptions include Cheerio glee club members performing for some numbers taken place during school hours in the auditorium, in the gymnasium, or in other locations.
  • The Cheerios aren't very strong in academics. (Britney: The Next Chapter)
  • Sue said that nobody quits the Cheerios, they die or she kicks them off. However, Mercedes, Kurt, Quinn, Brittany, and Santana have all quit at some point.
  • Although you can see many male Cheerios performing alongside the girls, there has not been mention of another male on the team apart from Kurt throughout the series.
  • Becky is the only cheerleader who does not wear the pleated skirt.
  • Sometimes, the girls wear their uniform with jogging pants.



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